Minggu, 22 Juli 2018

Again, Mt Semeru

Mt. Semeru, Third challenge

Alhamdulillah, I done... Second Times to the top of Semeru.
In many unpredictable condition, I was taken by mt Semeru. But I enjoy the situation. I do really gratefull to Lord of worlds.. Allah Subhana WA ta'ala.. He made the journey. He gathers us at Tumpang..and then went to Kalimati again on  July 21, 2018. I do really enjoy the journey, the situation that we had faced. It was incredible Journey. Faboulous journey. Always remember Allah behind all of these. Subhanallah.wal hamdulillah.. Wallahu Akbar. I feel "the near-death" condition in this journey, maybe twice. Alhamdulillah I still alive till now, in this malabar train. Maybe itu was just a feeling. Bad feeling.worst feeling that I sould face. Overall I said many thanks to Allah Lord of worlds.. how can I make the bigest thanksfull to The Bigest One.. the bigest gratefull to The Bigest One..Can you help me.. but I think our obidience to Him can refleck these feeling. Deep feeling. Indeed deep feeling. I hope you can feel the human experience. Human merely. Ordinary human.
Cak Dany status on WhatsApp that ODOJ Jatim Will go to Mahameru.this is the point.first point for me.than Sujay Made a conversation with me in mt salak wagroup.
I think it was a natural step that I faced. "Unpredictable condition"."forget the ticket"."the near-death condition". I face many things outside human-should-think. Just done many things that we should done.just that simply. Simple mind. Enjoy the journey and then take the hikmah from the journey.
Laughfull accident... "Kucing", "terserah", and Cak Ipank overall... I do enjoy our laughing..Our conversation that Made LOL.. I do really enjoy the joke.. all of these just only can be understood by our team at these journey to the top of Mahameru 3676 MASL. Cak Ipang and his beloved son, Alkindi. Irsyad. Zain. Sujay And his wife, Qonita. Diki. Rodi. Alfian. And me myself Tedi.
May Allah SWT Ridho to us. Bless us. Forgive us. Choose us as his creation. Ahsanu kholqan. Do not forget our obidience my friends.. sholat.. in many condition we sould always do pray, shalat. In war condition, shalat still should done. The journey was not in war condition.so do not forget shalat. I remember Eros, he bow down, sujud in Mahameru in my first-time challenge to Semeru. He Saw many stones made a jamaah-praying. Formed as human did in jamaah praying. So Eros bow down at that moment.
(Wake me up at Banjar station)
I feel a luxs-calmly forest, when enter the first gate. The trees that so calm welcomed us.The fresh air. The green leafes. The brown land. The smooth sand. The rocks. The dense trees. The beautiful Ranu Kumbolo. It is so luxs-calm waterland on 2400 masl. Its fresh water. Its little fishes. Its view'. A beautiful scane given by Lord of Worlds.Allah The Exalt One. The Mighty One. The Most Perfect One. No One    are like' Him The Most Gracious. The creator of Ranu Kumbolo, Ranu Pani, Mahameru. Those trees. Those summiters. This luxs-calm situation that you Will never find if you do not go to mt Semeru. It was so different moment. Different condition. Different feeling. Different human kind. Different land. Different sands. Different rocks. Different fresh air...


Selasa, 29 Mei 2018

Nikmatilah Ramadhan Kita Kali Ini

Nikmati puasa kita, nikmati makan sahur kita, nikmati malam-malam ramadhan ini. Hidupkan malam dengan tafakur, istighfar, dzikir, sholat tarawih, nikmati buka puasa kita. Senangnya buka puasa, senangnya nanti ketemu Tuhan, Allah SWT. Semoga.
Nikmati baca qur'an kita. Nikmati nonton ceramah, nikmati ngedengerin kultum, nikmatin kaki kita masih kuat melangkah ke masjid dengan pertolongan Allah..barusan saya shalat zuhur, seorang yang tak berkaki semangat shalat zuhurnya... Nikmati urus anak bini, nikmati berelasi buat yang masih kerja..kerja buat ibadah aja..diniatkan...sebagaimana fungsi ibadah; 1.kewajiban hamba kepada Tuhan 2. Rasa syukur hamba kepada Tuhan 3. Membersihkan jiwa hamba
Nikmati internetan kita buat makin berkah..internetan yang mendekat kepada Allah..mintalah petunjukNya.. Karena bagaimanapun taat kita adalah dariNya.. Nikmati trantum anak kita,.. Udah besar dia bakal bosan sama kita.. Nikmati dengar murotal Syeikh Muhammad Ayyoub, Syeikh Al Mathrud, di hp kita, dilaptop kita, di tv kita, di medsos, nikmati joke-joke ringan rekan di group medsos, tapi kalo udah kelebihan kurangi, biar puasa kita ngga kosong... Nikmati lapar kita, kita pasti ada bukaan buat nanti adzan magrib, karena ada yang belum tau nanti makan ma apa.. Nikmati puasa kita, karena Allah memampukan kita buat puasa..karena banyak yang ngga puasa seenaknya makan di pinggir jalan..mahasuci Allah.. Nikmati puasa kita karena banyak yang ngga nikmat buat puasa lalu ngga puasa..
Nikmatin jalan jalan sore kita ngabuburit..tapi kalo udah ngga bener pandangan, alihkan takutnya puasa kita kosong..lebih baik nikmatin baca qur:an di rumah kita,lebih baik nungguin buka sambil denger ceramah, sambil baca doa doa.. Nikmatin sakit kita kalo lagi puasa kita sakit..semoga jadi penggugur dosa...nikmatin diamnya kita di masjid buat i'tikaf..buat refleksi diri.. Nikmatin perginya kita ke masjid buat rehabilitasi mental kita..sadar kita hanya makhluk..nothing but dust..karena banyak tempat rehabilitasi mental ngga ngaruh. Ngobat lagi. Jadilah masjid tempat rehabilitasi mental kita..
Nikmati sodaqoh kita buat koropak masjid..ngga sebanding dengan gedenya gaji kamu...nikmatin kalo ngasih yang kesusahan itu..nikmatin zakat kita,buat ngebersihin harta,karena kadang harta kita bersumber dari hal yang gaje..nikmatin Islam kita... Nikmatin ramadhan kita..nikmatin suara adzan zuhur di masjid..nikmatin imam masjid yang lagi baca qur'an pas sholat.. Nikmati banyak hal yang ngga bisa atau belum bisa kita nikmatin..hehe...nikmatin kesendirian kita..nikmati kesepian kita dengan merasakan Allah lebih dekat dari urat leher kita..nikmati proses ini..nikmati permohonan ampun kita kepada Allah Tuhan semesta alam..nikmati egg roll itu pas buka puasa hehe.. Nikmati syukuri.. Alhamdulillah alaa kulli haal..
Nikmatin Allah SWT adalah Tuhan Semesta alam kita..mau nyari siapa...nothing else.but dust.. hanya pasir di pantai... Nikmatin Rasul Muhammad SAW adalah nabi panutan kita..aplikasi hidupnya Islam..Nikmatin sejarah nabi nabi..David, Solomon, Moses, Isa Alaihimussalaam.. semua adalah pendahulunya Nabi Muhammad SAW

Kamis, 17 Mei 2018

Against Terorists

Who is behind them? I think Iblis behind those terorists.  Humankind of course against what they done.  Bombing was something a dumb conduct. Can’t be accepted by a religious people. I can’t understand the pattern that formed in their mind.    so complicated head damage.
I realise the development of mankind prosses in thinking. It is developed by time. A man follow a new knowledge if it is fit for his acceptance in his brain.  I try to understand the pattern that formed in their brain.  Do they seek the best one in front of God The Almighty.  I think satan behind these.  Becouse nobody is perfect beside God Mercy full ..
Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, the only man, that we should follow in every aspect of his life.  Did he did like these terorists?  I’ve read abaout the war that He SAW followed. What kind of attitude that he showed at the war.. did he killed children.. did he killed women.. did he kill old people.. did he burnt church.. did he blowed up sinagog.. did he destroyed building.. did he cut the trees...
Did the terorists learned about what Rosul SAW done... what’s the main goal of these terorists.. what kind of islam religion that they support?  At these present days, palestinian moslems was killed by zionis la’natullah. About 58 people syahid... insyaallah.. many other hurts.. deeply hurts.. could you,terorist,bombing zionist la’natullah...over there in Gaza Palestine the blessed land
I hope moslems community can make a solid movement to make better for our country Indonesia..
Furthermore moslem around the world can become a unity rahmatan lil aa lamiin,,
I think, a man should appear,like prophet Muhammad SAW, guide us to the right path at this time.. erdogan maybe.. or maybe everyone of us can do like Muhammad SAW had done 15 centuries before
Let’s each of us follow what he had done.. may Lord of World Allah SWT The Almighty shows us the straight path, leads us to His way.. leads us to his gardens (jannah) aamiin.. may Allah SWT forgive all of our sins.. our many sins...

Selasa, 08 Mei 2018

The Real Winner

I think we should always remember Allah in every situation, glad situation, sad situation, of course.  We always remember god in sad situation. In the glad situation, we should say thank to Allah, Hamdallah  Alhamdulillah .. let’s do grateful to Him, all are from Him The Almighty. We nothing but dust..
But, the point which I want to say is, weshouldaskHisforgivnes, say istighfar...sayyidul istighfar..in every our glad condition,after grateful to Him, after hamdallah... grateful than ask forgiveness..
Our succesfull is from Allah, we forgot that. So ask His forgiveness.  Our succesfull,sometime,forgot others people support for us, ask His forgiveness. Do not forget to say thanks to others.  Our glad condition,sometime, should leave our beloved people..ask for His forgiveness..
I always remember a nice quote from my teacher; “our success is in front of other people, is it success in front of Allah?”.. was it had a good mark beside Him The Almighty.. was it had a good reward from Him The Most Gracious.. was it had a nice noted from Him The Most Merciful.. or..was it nothing but dust in front of Him The Most Knowing...
May Lord of World .. Allah The Almighty forgive us..all of our sins, our disobidience...our unnice conducts..our shameful deeds..our unresponsible doings.. our unpolite deeds to others people
The point is..in bold sentence..do not forget to ask His forgiveness in every glad condition, glad tiding, our success and many other situations that make us so happy
Rosul SAW..peace be upon him.. was ordered by god to tell his ummat about glad tiding in the hereafter jannah for his followers... may we’re include his followers... be carefull about become a followers in twitter or fb of someone else...
We should follow people that follow prophet  Muhammad peace be upon him

Senin, 26 Maret 2018

Bismillah… The new next President, inshaa Allah..

I can understand, that many problems can’t be solved instanly, by the new next president, insyaallah, but it’s a must that we should get a new leader for us.. The point is, let’s get a better leader for us.  We should seek a treasury..
Come on friends, let’s refresh our brain taking awarness of our reality, our community, our life, what kind of a leader that will lead us in this world and the life in the here after?  I think, we shall choose a smart leader, a good visioner, a good attitude, a good obidience to Lord of World, a leader that have a nice performance, always remember to God..dzikrullah, fulfill every commands of The Almighty.  Can’t we get the leader like that?
Come on friends, the real life is in the next life, it’s the here after.  I think, the materialism vision should be changed by the next life vision.  It will make us better, better life in this world and in the next world, the here after.
The main thinking in our head is just ‘how to make  better in the next life?’ isn’t it? What we want is we get a better life for the next time.  Gun tea president is a kind of our effort to make better in the next life.
Don’t forget about our obidience to Allah, God The Almighty, Lord and Cherisher of world, Exalt Him in the morning and evening, obey every commands, like Abraham.  He was the beloved one of Allah.  He was the leader of prophets. And his descendants were leader. But the wrongdoers indeed are not include his descendants. As mention on Albaqarah verse 124.
We should seek a leader like Abraham, like Ishma’eel, Mohammad Peace Be Upon Him, like khulafaur rosidiin the clever leaders, and the followers of them, not just a person that represent us for a while. It’s a person that lead us into the next life, it’s through out the dimention of time.  Can’t you realise that? It’s our duty to get that leader.  I think, Lord of World will gives favour upon us, aameen…  May Allah help us, May Allah bless us, May Allah choose for us a new leader that will lead us to Him, The Almighty.
Our social life face the plural community, plural country, plural ideology,.. subhanallah.. it’s Allah that created those conditions. What’s the commands of Allah The Almighty? I think the next leader should understand these situation, the leader that always make a ‘comunication’ to God, by shalat, recite the Qur’an, understand the meaning and tafsir of the qur’an..hafidz qur’an… a nice person.  I think TGB or Aher include these conditions. Or can you give us better conditions for our next leader? Please don’t make a joke for us, for our daily lifes, for our next life, for the timethat we don’t know the limit, in the jannah (gardens) or in the naar (hell fire)… Allaahumma sholli a’laa Muhammad…   
Please, the people that understand this situation, let’s get a new life,  maybe it’s hard for us to real that, but, can’t we start a new life for us, for our country by choose a new one leader for Indonesia?
A person that always remember his God Almighty.  Don’t you see tsunami, don’t you see the earth quake, don’t you see the flood, don’t you see the extreme people doing to others by hurting one another, bombing,killing, suiside, criminalities, wars… Oh God The Almighty, save us from the wrongdoers…robbi nazzinii minal qoumidz dzoolimiin..
It’s a terrible, it’s a horrible life, we see Ghouta, Rohingya, Palestine… where moslems feel unsecure, feel abandoned, feel so hurt, deeply hurt, killed by unhummand feeling, iblis behind those… we are hummand.. not animals that kill each other for foods, can’t we help each other to get a better life? In this world and in the next  llife, here after?
These are my effort, by writing these, to get new leader, to get better life, to refresh our brain, refresh our life, refresh our social community life…
Fataqobbal minnaa…

Selasa, 02 Januari 2018

Reuni SMPN 1 Serang ‘96 @Pitstop café Serang 2 September 2017 "Temu Kangen"

Segala puji bagi Allah Tuhan Semesta Alam. Ketemu lagi dengan teman-teman yang sudah berpisah kurang lebih 21 tahun yang lalu. Banyak berubah. Pangling, ada juga yang belum banyak berubah. Udah ada yang jadi pengusaha, dokter, dosen, pns, wiraswasta, penyiar, dsb. Tapi kemaren itu lebur. Brsilaturahmi semoga nambah rezeki dan manjangin umur, kata orang tua dulu. Ketawa bareng lagi, heureuy bareng lagi. Semoga abadi persahabatan kita. Sampe ke syurganya Tuhan. Pitstop itu tempat ngebenerin roda, ngisi bensin, ngecas aki, buat balapan selanjutnya, kalo dibalapan mobil atau motor GP. Kita kemarin di Pitstop Café, ngecas energi persahabatan kita, mengisi ruang-ruang hampa dalam dada, kemana sahabat yang dulu biasa maen bareng, kemana sahabat yang dulu jail bareng, kemana sahabat yang dulu maen voly bareng, kemana sahabat yang dulu basket bareng, kemana sahabat yang dulu badung bareng, kemana sahabat yang dulu dimarahin ma guru bareng-bareng, kemana sahabat yang dulu dikagumi banget karena pinternya, karena gantengnya, karena cantiknya; kemana sahabat yang dulu ngeselin banget, kemana sahabat yang dulu cuek banget, kemana sahabat yang dulu jaim banget, kemana sahabat yang dulu jadi KM, kemana sahabat yang dulu pernah kirim surat kaleng, kemana sahabat yang dulu cerewet banget, kemana sahabat yang dulu …., kemana sahabat yang dulu suka nanyain kabar kita tapi lewat orang lain, kemana sahabat yang disayang banget ma guru akutansi, kemana sahabat yang dulu …., kemana sahabat yang dulu …., kemana sahabat yang dulu….. Kangen kemaren itu sama teman-teman, sama sahabat-sahabat, sama sohib-sohib, sama genk-genk kita, sama co/ce inceran kita… Udah ngga penting lagi temen bawa mobil merk apa, temen jadi apa sekarang_karena kalo udah mati ngga ada yang dibawa, ngga bawa mobil,ngga bawa uang, ngga ditanya jabatan apa kamu dulu di dunia, berapa banyak uang kamu dulu di dunia… semoga kumpul lagi ya kita di syurganya Tuhan Kemaren kita di Pitstop itu ngebenerin luka-luka lama dalam dada, dengan silaturahim kembali semoga maaf terlahir, bila dulu sempat bermusuhan waktu sekolah. Memaafkan satu sama lain Kita di Pitstop berhenti sejenak. Untuk balapan lagi, berperan dalam berbagai profesi, berlomba-lomba dalam berbuat kebaikan. Karena kebaikan itulah yang akan bernilai dihadapan Tuhan. Semoga… @tedigumelar 1D,2B,3D dulu itu

Kamis, 21 Desember 2017

Kebangkitan Islam di Nusantara, Kebangkitan Komunal di pemilu 2018 dan pilpres 2019

Ideologi Pancasila yang kuat dan ideologi Islam yang kuat dan matang ada pada jenderal Gatot Nur. Manusia hendak memadamkan cahaya kebangkitan Islam di Indonesia... Apabila Allah berkehendak, usaha manusia kecil saja, tak berarti. Islam mulai menggeliat di Nusantara... Ada harapan akan hal itu. Never give up.. Allah yang membangkitkan Islam di Indonesia. Allah yang membangkitkan Indonesia dalam Islam. Tegakkan Islam dalam dirimu, niscaya Islam akan tegak di negara mu.